Night-Time Confusion

Our hotel has two rooms. A living room with a table, sofa, and chair. A tv and little kitchen. Then we have the bedroom. It has two beds in it.

The kids have been taking turns sleeping with Isaiah. Poor kid. Nobody wants to sleep with him. He kicks and squirms. Hogs the blanket. Snores. We have kept him on the sofa bed and Samuel and Sarah have alternated sleeping with him each night. Last night, Samuel took a stand and refused to sleep with Isaiah. He just couldn’t take it anymore.

So Gary, being the always humble parent offered to sleep with Isaiah on the sofa bed and give Samuel the roll-away bed, Sarah the double bed and me the other double.

This seemed like it would work. Everyone went to sleep just fine.

3:45 AM….Eli woke up screaming. I woke up and laid in my bed for a few seconds trying to figure out where I was and which bed I was in. When I thought I knew, I rolled out of the bed to get him and smacked right into the wall. I made the wrong choice. I crawled back across the bed and fell off the other side.

I picked myself up and stumbled over Samuel in the roll away bed to look for Eli’s crib. After finding him I gently tried to coax him back to sleep.

5:45 AM He’s still awake and crying. No one was sleeping at this point except Isaiah who was, of course, snuggled up to Gary with his knees in his kidneys.

Gary gave me the sofa bed and offered to try with Eli. After just a few minutes, he was fast asleep and so was everyone else.

It was a long night for this Nopad-Nomad family.

Looking for Nemo

We’re hunkered down, waiting to see what Nemo brings. 

No worries.  I have the tank full of gas.  Cash in my pocket.  Bottled water bought. Peanut butter and bread stored.

I didn’t fill a tub with water because, frankly, we don’t have a tub.  We have a fancy schmancy shower with glass walls and mirrors that makes one totally uncomfortable with oneself while showering.

Okay.  Off the subject.

We are ready for NEMO!  It’s coming to the Jersey Shore, although I think we may miss the heavy snowfall. 

I always say that I could live the rest of my life and never see another snowflake.  But I think I would actually miss the anticipation and preparation of a big winter storm.

Hurricanes??  I can live without!  But snowstorms are kind of fun and romantic.

So, we’ll live in our nice little home on 4th street in Asbury Park and on Sunday we’ll shovel our way out and head back to the hotel. 

One more week of cold, then off to Florida!



Seaside Heights


Today the kids and I took a little road trip (19 miles) down the coast to Seaside Heights.

Seaside Heights is a very popular Jersey Shore destination with an awesome boardwalk and amusement park.  During Hurricane Sandy it became famous by having it’s roller coaster washed out into the sea.

We wanted to see it.

As we were travelling down the shore road we saw many roads roped off and police officers everywhere. There are signs that say “No Stopping” and “No trespassing”.  There is a 25 mph minimum speed limit, meaning that if you are a gawker, you could get a ticket.

As we got closer we were amazed at the destruction. Hundreds and hundreds of homes ripped off their foundation and laying on their sides.  It is amazing to see a 2 or 3 million dollar home lying on it’s  side with the contents spilling out.

There is construction going on everywhere you look.   Everywhere are signs warning against looters and police officers at every turn.

We were able to find an open road leading up to the ocean where we got a quick glimpse of the coaster.  But otherwise, we were not allowed to get any closer.

The boardwalk stores have been gutted and their contents piled high in the streets.

It is really an amazing and awe inspiring sight.

It reminded me that so much can change in an instance.  That we tend to put so much time and energy into our stuff.  But it can be gone in one storm.

Being a nomad/nopad is teaching me that I can do without ALOT!  I don’t need 10 pairs of jeans and 20 pairs of shoes.  I really can get along without a 4200 square foot house.  All we really need is each other and the rest is just gravy.

We are blessed to be experiencing this homeless adventure and learning so much.  Thank you Lord for this precious unique time and blessings to those still fighting the storm.



From my brother’s blog.

markallenwhite's blog

We got cars!  Come buy them for cheap!

Last night was my first night in PA that my big sister didn’t live up the road.

To many this is not that life altering–they say, “Well you lived apart for 20 years, so it is not that big of a deal.” I get that and even understand that–but, this was the first time we had ever really lived in the same place together as adults. It was pretty cool. In fact, I wouldn’t be living in PA had Ann not come here first. So, yeah, she is the reason I pulled up the stakes and took a dive into the great north for a decade or three.

I loved living down the road from my big sister. It was so much fun getting together for non-events. By that I mean, meetings that were not geared around a holiday, birthday cake, or any other celebration that forces families together (though…

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Chasing a buck

20130203-154903.jpg20130203-154843.jpg20130203-154828.jpg20130203-154810.jpgWe were walking down the street yesterday. Battling the cold. Battling the wind. Listening to the kids whine and Eli cry. When all of a sudden Sarah yelled “There’s a dollar blowing down the street!”

Gary took after this “dollar” as it went blowing and tripping along the sidewalk then out into the street. They both chased it. Samuel, Eli and I followed along behind not too interested and trying to figure out how I would explain their death because they were chasing a dollar into the street.

Gary finally gave up when he saw the dollar fall into the storm drain. Oh well…

We caught up with them and I looked into the storm drain only to discover that it wasn’t a dollar, it was a 20 DOLLAR bill.

Renewed by this sudden discovery of wealth, Sarah and Gary determined that they had to get that money. They both laid on the sidewalk and tried to fit their hand into the drain. It wouldn’t fit. They decided to find a stick and spear the bill.

They both looked and looked until they found a stick with a sharp edge.

With a crowd looking on and cars slowing down to pass, Sarah and Gary worked until they retrieved the 20 dollars from the drain.

Just another day in the life of the Cline nomads.


Jazz and Bruce

Our house for the week.

Our house for the week.

Yesterday we said good bye to the Embassy Suites in Piscataway and headed over to our new home for this week in Asbury Park, NJ.

Asbury Park is a quaint shore town just south of New York City.  In it’s heyday it was a popular destination for Manhattanites on weekends and summer’s at the shore.  Today much of it is falling down and there are many bare spots on the beach where majestic hotels used to stand.

Perhaps Asbury Park is most famous for “The Stone Pony”.  It is one of the world’s best known music venues. It is known as a starting point for many musicians, including New Jersey natives Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa, Jon Bon Jovi, and Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.  It is considered one of the greatest rock clubs of all kinds.

We rented a home about four blocks from the shore from a website called VRBO. Our home this week is a two story four bedroom 1 1/2 bath.  The owner is an accomplished and very well known interior designer and architect in NYC.  He has completely gutted this house and turned it into an eclectic charming home.  When we walked in it was like walking into a home from HGTV. 

There is also a Steinway grand piano with lots of classical music laid out to play. For the cook lover’s dream all of the appliances are Jen-Aire and the cooking ware is All Clad. We discovered that the music is piped through the house, so cooking to jazz last night was awesome.  This place is perfect! 

I feel like I’m in a tv show living here.  It’s that pretty.

The street we are living on is a suburban street with street parking and an alley in the back.  Everybody has big front porches and I can imagine it is quite the social scene in the summer.  We can walk to the NJ Transit or walk to the local 7-Eleven.  A quick 15 minute walk takes us to the boardwalk.

So this week we are experiencing a different style of living.  A bustling suburban shore town in a home that I would never think to live in full time.

We love it.



Counting Doors

Today has been a great homeschool day.  The kids got started right away!  I have figured out that Samuel and Sarah have to leave the room in order for them to get their stuff done.  They have picked a nice spot in the atrium of our lobby where there are big comfy chairs and lots of space to spread out.

Isaiah and Eli stay in the room with me.  I discovered today that Eli really likes to play in his crib.  So, I put him in the bedroom, turn on Nick Jr., and he plays and plays.  That’s been pretty great. 

Isaiah did a great job staying focused today and really zoomed through his school work.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I really didn’t realize that Isaiah is so smart!  He can read almost everything and is way ahead of the first grade books I brought for him to pursue.

After a hard morning working on school, we had lunch in the room then took off to a frozen yogurt store I discovered last night.  They were all excited to take a quick trip down the road and we had some great dessert.

We came back to the hotel, put Eli to bed, got the other two started on the rest of their assignments and Isaiah and I took off on our hotel investigation.

His job was to ask the hotel clerk if he could count all of the rooms by floor, add them up, then check his answer with them.  They were so excited for him and he was so cute!

He started on the first floor, looked at clues that would tell him how many rooms were on each floor then wrote down his answer.  He did this with all five floors.  He then went to the lobby, added them up and checked his answer with the clerk.  He got it right!  219!! 

He was so excited about his “job” and tomorrow plans to count up the tables and chairs in the hotel restaurant.

I love having him with me all day.  I didn’t know how much I missed all of them being together until I had it back. 

Tonight I have a date with Gary in the hotel restaurant and I’m looking forward to that. 

Tomorrow will be our last day in Piscataway and then Saturday on to our next week long adventure! 

Stay tuned!

We’re hoboes, right Mommy?

Isaiah just looked at me from across the living room in our hotel and said, “We’re hoboes, right Mommy?  Or are we Freedom Fighters?”

I think we are definitely Freedom Fighters.  As of Monday morning, our house officially sold and we paid off all debt.  We are FREE from any debt!  In this day and age, that is really unusual.  And we have really fought to make that happen.

Selling our house wasn’t easy.  There were all kinds of unexpected surprises.  Gary and I really prayed hard and many times thanked him for the trials.  We learned that not much is in our control.  Our timing is not God’s timing. 

But, here we are.  Day three of nopad nomads.

And I love it!

Our hotel room is organized.  The kids have their own drawer and own little space in the suite.  They have gym in the pool and have even gone to the workout room once. 

I have not heard one complaint.  We really can do without alot of space and alot of stuff.  And that makes me so happy!

Today we looked at two homes for rent.  One was a three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath apartment.  I loved it.  The other home made so much more sense.  It was a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom 3500 square foot home.  I hated it.  I couldn’t wait to get back to my little hotel suite. 

My real estate agent probably thinks I’m crazy.  But that’s okay.  She won’t be the first person from New Jersey who thinks that. 


Goodbyes and Hello’s

We said goodbye this week. To our house. To our yard. To our stuff.

Memories. And we made some great ones in North Wales. Community group in our house every Thursday. Sarah and Isaiah going to public school. Bringing Eli home from the hospital. Hobos in the backyard. Mark and Jennifer moving to PA. Station Square Apartments. Backyard bonfires with the Lewis’s. Pho and More.

So now we start a new chapter in the Cline book of adventures. And this one is in New Jersey.

I’ve said for 20 years with Gary, “Take me to the depths of Africa, but NEVER make me live in New Jersey”. God has a wicked sense of humor.

This week we are living in the Embassy Suites. I’ll be honest. We’ve been here for 3 1/2 hours and it hasn’t been easy. I hate transitions. I wish we could skip this part and cut straight to where everything seems normal again.

But I know that this time tomorrow life will be getting a little easier. Our new life will be a little bit old. And New Jersey will feel closer to home.

Like Sarah said today, “I’m tired of good-byes and ready for hellos”.

My goal for the day…achieved

When you know you are going to be nomads in 9 days, you get some giddy-up in your go and start looking for your first “PAD”.

Our first weekend is booked, albeit in Lansdale and not real exciting.

However, I also booked our first two weeks in Piscataway, New Jersey. (I love saying “Piscataway) We will be at the Embassy Suites and I talked them down to a great rate. Tried to get them to give me the Presidential Suite, but they just wouldn’t bend. I WON’T give up.

Hotel living is going to be fun. Sarah thinks it’s going to be like that show that used to be on Nickelodeon “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” where they live in The Tipton Hotel and the single mother is a lounge singer. Okay….not alot of similarities EXCEPT for the hotel part. …hmmm…I wonder if they have a lounge????

We will get a free hot breakfast every morning, an indoor pool and hot tub, and a managers reception every night. What more could I ask for?

So, our first “PAD” is on the calendar. Feels good to know where we will be the first 14 days.