Our hotel has two rooms. A living room with a table, sofa, and chair. A tv and little kitchen. Then we have the bedroom. It has two beds in it.

The kids have been taking turns sleeping with Isaiah. Poor kid. Nobody wants to sleep with him. He kicks and squirms. Hogs the blanket. Snores. We have kept him on the sofa bed and Samuel and Sarah have alternated sleeping with him each night. Last night, Samuel took a stand and refused to sleep with Isaiah. He just couldn’t take it anymore.

So Gary, being the always humble parent offered to sleep with Isaiah on the sofa bed and give Samuel the roll-away bed, Sarah the double bed and me the other double.

This seemed like it would work. Everyone went to sleep just fine.

3:45 AM….Eli woke up screaming. I woke up and laid in my bed for a few seconds trying to figure out where I was and which bed I was in. When I thought I knew, I rolled out of the bed to get him and smacked right into the wall. I made the wrong choice. I crawled back across the bed and fell off the other side.

I picked myself up and stumbled over Samuel in the roll away bed to look for Eli’s crib. After finding him I gently tried to coax him back to sleep.

5:45 AM He’s still awake and crying. No one was sleeping at this point except Isaiah who was, of course, snuggled up to Gary with his knees in his kidneys.

Gary gave me the sofa bed and offered to try with Eli. After just a few minutes, he was fast asleep and so was everyone else.

It was a long night for this Nopad-Nomad family.