We’re hunkered down, waiting to see what Nemo brings. 

No worries.  I have the tank full of gas.  Cash in my pocket.  Bottled water bought. Peanut butter and bread stored.

I didn’t fill a tub with water because, frankly, we don’t have a tub.  We have a fancy schmancy shower with glass walls and mirrors that makes one totally uncomfortable with oneself while showering.

Okay.  Off the subject.

We are ready for NEMO!  It’s coming to the Jersey Shore, although I think we may miss the heavy snowfall. 

I always say that I could live the rest of my life and never see another snowflake.  But I think I would actually miss the anticipation and preparation of a big winter storm.

Hurricanes??  I can live without!  But snowstorms are kind of fun and romantic.

So, we’ll live in our nice little home on 4th street in Asbury Park and on Sunday we’ll shovel our way out and head back to the hotel. 

One more week of cold, then off to Florida!