Today has been a great homeschool day.  The kids got started right away!  I have figured out that Samuel and Sarah have to leave the room in order for them to get their stuff done.  They have picked a nice spot in the atrium of our lobby where there are big comfy chairs and lots of space to spread out.

Isaiah and Eli stay in the room with me.  I discovered today that Eli really likes to play in his crib.  So, I put him in the bedroom, turn on Nick Jr., and he plays and plays.  That’s been pretty great. 

Isaiah did a great job staying focused today and really zoomed through his school work.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I really didn’t realize that Isaiah is so smart!  He can read almost everything and is way ahead of the first grade books I brought for him to pursue.

After a hard morning working on school, we had lunch in the room then took off to a frozen yogurt store I discovered last night.  They were all excited to take a quick trip down the road and we had some great dessert.

We came back to the hotel, put Eli to bed, got the other two started on the rest of their assignments and Isaiah and I took off on our hotel investigation.

His job was to ask the hotel clerk if he could count all of the rooms by floor, add them up, then check his answer with them.  They were so excited for him and he was so cute!

He started on the first floor, looked at clues that would tell him how many rooms were on each floor then wrote down his answer.  He did this with all five floors.  He then went to the lobby, added them up and checked his answer with the clerk.  He got it right!  219!! 

He was so excited about his “job” and tomorrow plans to count up the tables and chairs in the hotel restaurant.

I love having him with me all day.  I didn’t know how much I missed all of them being together until I had it back. 

Tonight I have a date with Gary in the hotel restaurant and I’m looking forward to that. 

Tomorrow will be our last day in Piscataway and then Saturday on to our next week long adventure! 

Stay tuned!