20130203-154903.jpg20130203-154843.jpg20130203-154828.jpg20130203-154810.jpgWe were walking down the street yesterday. Battling the cold. Battling the wind. Listening to the kids whine and Eli cry. When all of a sudden Sarah yelled “There’s a dollar blowing down the street!”

Gary took after this “dollar” as it went blowing and tripping along the sidewalk then out into the street. They both chased it. Samuel, Eli and I followed along behind not too interested and trying to figure out how I would explain their death because they were chasing a dollar into the street.

Gary finally gave up when he saw the dollar fall into the storm drain. Oh well…

We caught up with them and I looked into the storm drain only to discover that it wasn’t a dollar, it was a 20 DOLLAR bill.

Renewed by this sudden discovery of wealth, Sarah and Gary determined that they had to get that money. They both laid on the sidewalk and tried to fit their hand into the drain. It wouldn’t fit. They decided to find a stick and spear the bill.

They both looked and looked until they found a stick with a sharp edge.

With a crowd looking on and cars slowing down to pass, Sarah and Gary worked until they retrieved the 20 dollars from the drain.

Just another day in the life of the Cline nomads.