We are in the middle of our 7th week without a pad.  I’ll admit.  I really love being nomads.  We get up in the morning, eat breakfast, come back to the room, tidy up, do some school, go out to lunch, take an afternoon nap or swim, Gary comes home, we order in or go out, watch tv, then bed.

Yep.  It’s the life.

Imagine that you have NOTHING on an agenda.  No house to take care of.  No bills to pay.  No errands to run.  No orthodontists appointments or playdates.

That’s my life.  I’m really getting spoiled. I actually read two books last week.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Last weekend we took the kids back to our home church, http://www.keystonefellowship.com/ so they could attend winter retreat with their youth group up in the Poconos.  Since they were gone all weekend, we got the opportunity to stay with my brother Mark and sister in law Jennifer.  It was so nice to be in a “home” for the weekend.  Jennifer made a great dinner and a wonderful breakfast.  We ran around alot, ate at our favorite restaurants (Pho and More and Nadia’s French/Thai Cuisine), and watched Billy and Isaiah play so hard they couldn’t stay awake at night.  It was especially funny when they thought it would be a great idea to shoot arrows at the cat and feed him lots of treats to get him to come upstairs. 

It was a really fun weekend and we enjoyed seeing everyone.

But the big news is that we have finally bought a house.

Let me back up….

We sold our house in North Wales on January 28.  We had nowhere to go, so decided to be brave and be nopad/nomads  while our things were in storage for three months. 

We’ve been looking at listings with our fearless agent, Liz.  We’ve looked at over 90 homes! 

But we felt like God was telling us to rent, so we started looking at rentals.

Last Monday, Gary and I met with our agent and another agent to rent the perfect condo in the perfect neighborhood.  We had our checks made out, forms filled out, documents signed.  But we just didn’t feel right.  God kept throwing up little road blocks that we just couldn’t ignore.  Then at the last minute, right before we handed over the money, the listing agent asked us for a document that we were not able to provide.  She wanted some confidential information from Gary’s employer.  The meeting became stalled and tense.  We all sat at the boardroom table looking at each other until finally she said that she would have to talk to her client (who was living in India) and get back with us regarding the document.

We left the meeting edgy and confused.  What had just happened?  What were we doing?  It seemed so right…

We waited for a day and a half and did not hear anything.  We gave them a 5:00 pm deadline that came and went.  At 5:02 pm we cancelled our leasing contract and walked away.  And then we breathed a sigh of relief.  Did we dodge a bullet? 

Gary and I started reevaluating our decision to rent.  Was it the right thing?  We felt sure that God was telling us to rent, but maybe He just wanted us to see it wasn’t right for us.

Again, we wrote out a list of what we wanted in a house.  We were both determined to downsize.  We wanted to live in a condo community with no outside maintenance required.  We wanted to pay cash.

And the next day, unexpectantly, God handed us the perfect place.

The listing had been on the market since September, yet I had never seen it. 

I think God was holding it for us for when the time was right and we knew that it would be okay to live in a small space. 

It’s a duplex and we can pay cash.  We will continue to be debt-free, which has been our goal since marraige.

It’s in one of the best school districts in New Jersey and it has everything on my must-have list.

It couldn’t be more perfect.

I don’t know why God has been putting us through this fire.  Selling our house was a nightmare.  Anything that could go wrong, did.   But I know that He sees the whole picture.  He sees the beginning and the end. 

I believe he has put us in a hotel right after selling our house, so that I could see that downsizing to a smaller home would be okay.  A condo will feel like a mansion after this!

We will continue to trust God.  We thank Him for the roadblocks and uncertainities because I’ve learned that that’s all I can do.  HE is in control and it’s never been clearer to me.