I haven’t posted for a few days because, frankly, it’s been a crappy week.  Okay, yeah, I said it.  Not every day in Nopad-Nomad world can be great.  Here’s why.

Eli has been crying almost non-stop since Saturday evening. 

It’s been torture for all involved.  He stands and screams, he sits and cries, he sleeps and moans.  Combine that with a small hotel room, two teenagers, a very energetic six year old and an exhausted Mom and it doesn’t come out too pretty. 

Sunday night, I called our pediatrician in Philly and asked what I should do.  She recommended that I take him immediately to the nearest urgent care. 

We found one on the internet that was 9 miles away and in a shady part of town, but at this point I didn’t care. I left the other three with Gary loaded Eli up in the van and took off. 

The clinic was dirty and packed, but the doctors and nurses kind and efficient.  Eli had a fever of 103 and a raging ear infection.  One antibiotic later, we were back to the room where he continued to cry all night and all day yesterday.

He slept fitfully last night and is sleeping now.  Needless to say, I’m done!

Having a sick kid is hard.  Being a Mom is hard.  But being a Mom in a hotel room with people on either side of us trying to sleep while some  kid is screaming is agonizing.  I feel bad for them.  We apologized to them.  They wouldn’t look at us.

I guess I’m feeling a little homesick today.  I would kind of like my old life back.  Just for the day.  Isaiah would be at Gwyn-Nor and Sarah at Pennbrook.  Samuel would be in the study doing school and Eli and I would be on the sofa watching Choo Choo on Netflix. 

If he screamed, I wouldn’t worry about the neighbors.  He could have lots of distractions.

So, it’s pity party week at the Hyatt House (we’re trying a new place this week, and I sure am missing Embassy Suites).  Feeling a little gloomy.

Not everyday can be rainbows and sunshine.  But I hear that Spring is just around the corner, so I’m claiming that God will make all things new…and heal my precious little boy (and move the neighbors to another room).