Did you know that Thomas Edison was the person responsible for everyone in the world to say “Hello?” when answering the phone?

Did you know that the first recorded voice was Thomas Edison singing “Mary had a little lamb”?

Our family visited Menlo Park today. http://www.menloparkmuseum.org/ Menlo Park was the site of Thomas Edison’s research and development center. Many of his patents and inventions were developed on this spot. In fact, he still holds more patents than anyone ever! It was so exciting for Gary to visit this place. As a person who works in R and D, it was exciting to learn that Edison was one of the first people to develop an area dedicated to researchers from all different kinds of backgrounds. Physicists, mathematicians, chemists, engineers… I bet he even had a statisticians or two.

This small museum sits on Christie Street which was the first street anywhere in the world that was lit with lightbulbs. Interestingly, when Gary was working for ICON, he had a meeting at a pharma company, Daiichi, just across the street from this museum.

We thought we were going to the Thomas Edison National Park http://www.nps.gov/edis/index.htm museum, so we were a little surprised when this small museum was where we ended up. But we were soon very delighted to meet the knowledgeable docents.

When telephones were first introduced, the greeting “Ahoy” was used. Edison didn’t like that word, so he began saying hello. Also, Edison was practically deaf. He used morse code on the palms of his wife’s hands to communicate. He even proposed to them through morse code.

It was a great museum and we are glad we went to the wrong place. On our next free Saturday, we plan to go to the national park (and get our stamp, for those of you that collect National Park stamps like my family does).

We left the museum and drove to Starlark Diner in Edison. This diner has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Drives. Jerry Seinfeld also filmed a webisode at this place. Gary and I had the “Thanksgiving Sandwich” which is exactly like it sounds. Sarah had the Chipotle pork sandwich, and Samuel had the city sandwich which was a Reuban/Rachel combined. We all shared the warm pineapple upside down cake and fought over the last morsels like we were animals. http://www.skylarkdiner.com/.

Our outing was topped off by a quick trip to Costco which was so packed and crowded we may never go back.

We’re back to our room now resting up and getting excited about our day tomorrow.

The adventures continue!