This week we are back to the Embassy Suites. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day. I keep packing up the same clothes and unpacking them in the same room. Breakfast is always the same and the snacks during the manager’s reception are starting to get monotonous.

Maybe I’m just tired and the kids are getting restless.

But, we did drive for 13 hours yesterday and that was a long time to be together in the car.

Today, I was tempted to get everyone their own room. It’s been one of those days.

Something interesting is going on in our lobby though. And if you are a people watcher like I am, then this is your place to be.

Directly under our room is the “Presidential Suite” (which I have ALMOST talked my way into). A Hindu spiritual leader has rented this room and Hindus are coming to him for spiritual and medical healing.

Chairs have been set up outside of the room and people of all ages are lined up waiting for their prayer time. I have seen small babies with their parents, children in wheelchairs and greatly handicapped, old men and women being helped by their loved ones, and men in funny looking hats.

They sit patiently, sometimes for hours, to be called into the room. I don’t know what they do inside, but I am curious. As a Christian I want to go talk to them and show them a different kind of love. I want to get to know them and find out their story. I want to sit with them. But, I don’t know where to start.

I am praying for them, though. And wondering. What do we as Christians do to demonstrate such a faith that they have? Do we have the same hopeful prayer that they have? What are we doing to help these lost souls?

I guess this is where my thought is going…we don’t need to leave America and travel to another country to show God’s love. The people that do, That’s great! I’m glad! But I can’t leave. But I sure can show love to the people waiting for hope just below our hotel room.

I can talk to them. I can love them. I can ask about them. That’s what God wants from me right now. And while I’m in this state of New Jersey I will make it happen. I will smile with kindness to those around me that don’t look like me. I will hold the door open and let others go first. I won’t honk my horn when the person in front of me takes a milli-second to pull out. It’s what I do best. Being kind to others.

And maybe they will ask me what is different. And then I’ll know what to say. My God is the one true God. He is almighty because he saved me. And He can save you.

Because ultimately, that is what everyone is looking for.

Even the Hindus right under my room.