Week Four
It’s been a month! Wow!!

This week we stayed with my parents at their condo in sunny Fernandina Beach, Florida. What a great week!

It was so nice to have home cooked meals from Mom. We cook so much alike, so the kids were loving good comfort food.
Spaghetti, meatloaf, pork tenderloin, bacon, eggs…. yummy!

Sarah is celebrating her 13th birthday this week and we told her to pick something special to do. She picked horseback riding. Amelia Island has the only licensed beach riding outfit in Florida. So I got the honor of going with her. Secretly I have always wanted to ride a horse on a beach, so we both got to check something off of our bucket list. My horse was white and her name was Skye. We rode on the uninhabited beach at Amelia Island State Park. It was so beautiful! The sand was white and the ocean was glorious. It was definitely something neither of us will forget.

We did quite a bit of trail walking. Dad stepped on a snake (and screamed like a girl) and we saw an alligator up close and personal. Gary offered the kids $1 to spot an armadillo. They looked their eyeballs out and we eventually saw one.

Eli was quite enamored with “Poppawl” and wouldn’t let him out of his sight. Poor Dad couldn’t even go to the bathroom without Eli crying and heaven forbid he walk outside without him. Dad sure will miss his little buddy.

Florida is a beautiful state and I’m so glad my parents are happy there. They are loving retirement and the sunshine and we were happy to spend our fourth week there.